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2018 QUARTER 4

Implement wallet & blockchain look up features. Complete cross platform frontend for smart contract execution. Release on ethereum main-net for testing. Marketing campaign in Asia-pacific region, including the US, Canada, Australia and China.

2019 QUARTER 1

Implementation of Proof of Stake with masternood support. Implement number of supporting EIPs. Marketing campaign in Asia-pacific region, including the US, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

2019 QUARTER 2

Release IOS and Android application. Main-net going live, token swap. Implementation of Ledgerium Identity Services. Marketing campaign in Europe region.

2019 QUARTER 3

Full public release of complete platform globally. Design and implement on further features and design milestone for next iteration - Internal Control.

Ledgerium is the company that shall bring Blockchain to the accounting and audit industry. We aim to create a decentralized ledger through a triple entry accounting system and revolutionise the traditional audit procedure. We believe in the trust mechanism of Blockchain that will allow small and medium businesses to access auditing and other high-level accounting services previously only available to large companies, allowing a fairer, more transparent business world to flourish.