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2018 QUARTER 4

UI/UX, system architecture design. Implement and complete MVP. Release public testnet.

2019 QUARTER 1

Release public mainnet. Rollout initial version to testing partners. Release wallet.

2019 QUARTER 2

Mainnet going live. Second major version release to testing partner. Implementation and release beta frontend. Integration with more platforms.

2019 QUARTER 3

Genearl releases, mobile apps, 1-click deployments. End to end accounting system integration.

2019 QUARTER 4

More financial system integration. Global public release frontend and services. Government certifications. Implement future product features.

Ledgerium focuses on bringing blockchain to the accounting and auditing industry. We aim to create a decentralized ledger through a triple entry accounting system that comprises three major components: Audit Confirmation, AP/AR Management, and Trust Account Audit. All these are deliveried via a reliable cloud based platform to provide great flexibility and scalability. Ledgerium also integrates with major accounting platforms and banking systems to enable seamless experience to all our customers.