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Luca™ by Ledgerium

Luca is a confirmation platform that is capable of recording transactions between parties on the Blockchain.

By putting the hash on to blockchain to allow verifying authenticity and provide proof of the occurrence, completeness, accuracy, cut-off of all the transactions.

You could send invoices or process bills in your accounting software, and we will handle the confirmation with the bank and across different accounting softwares such as Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks, Salesforce and more.

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AR/AP Management - manage your account receivable and account payable functions. While sending invoice and paying bills, there is an in-build AI credit rating system for all your transactions. Furthermore, data from the blockchain is recognised by the financial institutions to speed up your supply chain finance.

Trust Account Audit - maintain clients’ funding by financial institutions, body corporate, strata management, real estate agent and lawyer etc. Every ledger will need to be reconciled and examined by auditor. Every transaction of the trust accounts will be confirmed using smart contract, which will save the businesses and auditors huge amount of time, cost and more importantly less fraud.

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Better cashflow with AP/AR automation

Accounting firm

More efficient and lower risk

Trust account

Audit and compliance become effortless

Non for profit

Compliance with improved transparency

Financial Institution

Faster supply chain finance means more clients

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